Vending machine with care

What do junk food, shoes, cars, boyfriends, sunscreen, innovative ideas, condoms, bikinis, drugs, and soccer balls have in common? According to this slideshow, they’re all available in vending machines. This vendingmachine is a machine were you can find footballs. Nowadays people don’t do a lot of sports or going outside. If you place different vending machine with different healthy stuff then I know for sure that people use this in smaller and bigger city’s. This can be also placed nearby parks or soccer fields for every target group. Also you can put other healthy stuff in the vending machine like: Vegetables, kites etc.

This vast array of products has inspired several new vending machine designs. With extended hours, reduced labor costs, and efficient space use being the typical benefits of vending machines over traditional floor sales, the manufacturers of these machines might be poised to make the most of this growing trend.