Independent Nomad

What is it?

Urban Nomads are true travelers are flexible and set. They love variety and therefore do not stay in one place. This is a small house made on a track. This cottage is moved by rail and can be transported to various places. This concept was coined by Milton Jagnefalt. This plan he devised for the city Andalsnes. Jagnefalt Milton has participated in a submission for an old industrial rail new life into this mobile home and thought. These can be removed because they depend on the situations and seasons.

Why it’s cool?

This gadget is an opportunity for the Urban Nomads to focus on another way to move than by car or bicycle. They like small and simple and this concept plays in innovation. This flexible living space, they can come back for the day and do not have to worry about. This attractive for Urban Nomads. This provides perspective because you get the old infrastructure uses and not have to invest in something new. It allows them to move to various major cities making it less pressure on public roads. Another positive point is that it can be used for various purposes such as sleeping or flexible workplace. One drawback is that this mobile home seasonal dependent.

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