Get Organic!                                                                                                                           During this time become more expensive for the people who eat less to spend. This will in turn grow and people, they save a lot of money. This also benefits the people moving again, but where does this food trend come from?And how is it that the people of the city also will take?

What is it?                                                                                                     Organic farming has arisen because there is now a enrome demand for organic products. This is because I think the organic products in the supermarket a lot more expensive than non organic products. This people probably have decreed themselves to box immediately to grow fruit and vegetables to grow so they do not have to make high cost. For every penny become reversed during the crisis.

Why it’s cool                                                                                                       It’s cool because the people who live in the city also able to grow and therefore not having to live in the countryside. This trend I think is also a derivative of the urban farming trend. This is a development which promotes urban agriculture. Nowadays, people want more green back around and people realize how important it is to have nature around you. I find it amazing that especially young people follow this trend. growing their own vegetables is also healthy because people are moving more and produce their own food, making people think that the value of the food they eat which gives more meaning less waste.

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What do other people think about organic food?

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George Vigil                                                                                                       ”In my opinion, it’s obvious that eating organic food will improve one’s health, merely by the fact that it hasn’t been tampered with genetically or been affected by chemicals that are usually bad for your health, such as pesticides, preservatives, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and any number of chemicals used to process food like MSG.”

Gezondheidsnet                                                                                                   ”Organic is healthier true and false. If you look at the long term, this seems undisputed. After all, a healthy planet, we’ve all benefited. But direct profit for your body, that’s different. There are more than 100 large studies, and it shows that in any case not a big difference between organic and normal food. For beautiful discoveries, such as organic food that you get a better immune system, but is hardly evidence.”

Ravi                                                                                                               ”When you use organic products, this is better for nature and for yourself. When growing organic fruits and vegetables the farmers work together with nature.”


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