Boiled water from the sun

PSFK has something new, Contemporary Energy’s Solar Kettle is a solar-powered thermos that you can use in situations where a plug socket just isn’t an option – such as camping or a picnic in the middle of nowhere.

Using fold-out reflectors, the thermos redirects the sun’s energy into the container, making it easy to sterilise water, or brew a flask of tea or coffee. When not in use, the thermos looks just like any other and is easy to carry around in a daypack for when you’re on the move.

The thermos has been in development for a number of years before finally going into full production this year. Apart from a nifty camping accessory, the solar-flask could provide an excellent way to save money – or even act as a way to sterilise water in emergency situations.




OER Time

When Rolling events is an interesting concept developed by a student at the Fontys Lifestyle. Rolling events is an event agency that creates experiences for consumers. For both business parties and festivals. The beauty of their concept is that they have refurbished old vintage and have made a spectacle of here. A cocktailbus a wedding car they know of your day to where you will lack nothing. A great experience

The new concept of Rolling events is the OERburgerbus. This bus is organic meat sold. The food at this bus must ensure that the consumer through eating the OERburger retrieves prehistoric man back up. This bus serves local produce and burgers made of eg the Scottish highlander.

They also put social media to make. Perception of the primeval complete The real OERburger lovers make a great fun, unique and hilarious pictures with atmosphere of the early days with a decor. While they wear robes and bones through their noses, with clubs swinging and a huge bite out of the thick OERburger take is a very cheerful, funny and most striking picture, which can be so all their friends can see what they are doing immediately placed on Facebook where they are, what they eat. How fun is that?

Oer 1