It seems like a new trend called Raw-foodism or crudivorisme. This diet is used by many stars in Hollywood. If you start this diet means that you can only eat raw. Food The foods must not be heated and processed according to the followers of raw food ism. They also have a nickname raw foodies.

But if you belong to this group? You can call yourself a true fan if you eat 75% to 100% raw food without being heated or processed. According to these people, eating raw meat many advantages. There include the raw food and their are different types:

Raw Veganism: In this (diet) you eat only vegetable raw food. The plants should not be processed or heated above 46 degrees.

Raw Vegetarianism: This adherents do not eat meat or fish. But they do eat other animal products such as dairy and eggs.

Raw Meat Diet: Here people eat everything from raw meat to plants. This is also the worse of all three. The followers of this diet go so far as well as dead animals or rotting meat. There are many bactieren in this flesh that are very bad for your body and what you can become seriously ill.

After reading this article I was really shocked. I sure know that this was because I had seen a man who had only raw meat. Until recently a documentary But I did not know there names were really already connected and there are many more people are doing. I thought this was a nice article to link to the food industry and health because it is connected with each other. Eating food and healthy lifestyle is a good combination.

Curious? read more: http://www.rawinterviews.com/





Digital Muscle

The Myo bracement is able to measure electric activity in your muscle instantly. Do you know the Wii? The Wii observed movement from the Human body when you play. The technology go further and know is their the Myo. When you wave with your hand, Myo will record that muscle move and send that move to your digital World. It’s a very new product but soon we have The Myo at home and can we physic communicate in the digital world. How strange is that. This product is a nice product in the area form health and technology because you can really communicate with yourself at the digital world.


The Foodie bag

The Foodie bag is a bag that Company’s from the Hospitality can enter in their Company. This is a bag when you go eat outside and don’t empty your dinner plate than take you your dinner with you at home. It’s a very interesting thing to counter food waste. Self I dint see yet when I visit a Hostility. I think that this product is slowly coming up and moreover it’s a god product that respond on the financial crisis. Food is a very important product. Together must we care of our products. Below I describe the steps from the Foodiebag from how does it works?

Step 1. The restaurant covers’ Foodiebag Desired Spoon “along with the regular cutlery. Together with a small explanation card is this spoon-clip next to the board on the table.

Step 2. If the guest meals not completely received and remnants like home wants, slide / he Foodiebag spoon on the plate. The server now knows that the residues on this board for the guest to be packed.

Step 3. The food from the plate with spoon Foodiebag to be in the kitchen in the food container Foodiebag pushed. The waiter takes a Foodiebag wrapper and note thereon the date on which the food is passed. This Foodiebag wrapper he folds every round container and close it with the “Foodiebag Cutlery Clip ‘. Under this clip he slides a business card from the restaurant and filled Foodiebag he brings back to the table of the guest.

Step 4. The guest takes a stylish practical way the remnants of the meal to take home. At home, the food container in the refrigerator. Later that day or the next day, the container can be placed directly in the microwave to heat up the food again before it is consumed.