Outside is the new inside

This trend turns away from progress. She goes back to the primal of sports. The emergence of mudmasters and urbanathlons as events and crossfit and boot camp training as forms fits into this trend. Back to nature is omderdeel of back to basics. Outdoor (outdoor) is growing fast: brands like North Face, REI and the Dutch Bever benefit from this. But I foresee a more extreme form of this trend, with reference to (once again) a movie: fight club. Underground or not the emergence of primordial porting is coming up. Cycling without electronics and carbon, running barefoot and table tennis with a wooden paddle. This ignores the hype of retro, mainly a fad. Expect people, a small minority, but still, going back (or stay) with old sports equipment and clothing and events with very few rules. Sport History is the future.



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