Your personal watchdog

Are you nice to enjoy your holiday or day off and you decide to do something? you can but you worry about moonlighter or that you will be warned before? Now you do not have to worry because with the Doberman Security’s watchdog holds tiny cell phones and wallets Securely in place. If someone wants to steal your wallet or mobile phone then you hear a 95-decibel alarm causing the pickpocket now think twice and problems with his ears it on hold. The sound is in fact harder than the average lawnmower.




If you think camping is boring and monotonous then you are wrong! There are now several ways to make. Camping fun Like for example the tents boring or you think you do not have good view from your tent? Then here is the solution. Boutique Homes has very fabulous stuff for going on holiday. Thus, only the tent or the place where you sleep already an experience in itself. This is a unique form of leisure and Human movement. The people who can make use of it and make their tent so that it is to their taste, or the place or view not good? then you just hang your tent still in the tree. People can go where they can be all fun and new experience to do in your spare time.





Outside is the new inside

This trend turns away from progress. She goes back to the primal of sports. The emergence of mudmasters and urbanathlons as events and crossfit and boot camp training as forms fits into this trend. Back to nature is omderdeel of back to basics. Outdoor (outdoor) is growing fast: brands like North Face, REI and the Dutch Bever benefit from this. But I foresee a more extreme form of this trend, with reference to (once again) a movie: fight club. Underground or not the emergence of primordial porting is coming up. Cycling without electronics and carbon, running barefoot and table tennis with a wooden paddle. This ignores the hype of retro, mainly a fad. Expect people, a small minority, but still, going back (or stay) with old sports equipment and clothing and events with very few rules. Sport History is the future.



At festival Mundial miscellaneous talents get a chance to break through and be in the music industry. Known The special festival Mundial is that they not only act but also allow artists to entertain the visitors miscellaneous ways. Such as: Dance, art, acrobats, etc. Mundial has different artists from around the world but particularly in Africa. They want to give these artists a chance but wants teglijkertijd Mundial Netherlands acquainted with different musical knowledge.

In the second period we went to gain experience with the Human movement and leisure sectors. Our client was Festival Mundial. This I found a very nice opdrachtgevert because I would want to continue in the events industry in the areas of concept development and trends. So this was a good opportunity to show what I had in the house. It was the intention of her goats Festival Mundial help. Woolen socks off image She noted that visitors especially from the ages 5 t / m and 13 came from 25 / to 50 years but in between the young people were less so for the festival Interests. It is our task here to change that.

With our project we have created trends in these two sectors we have created a trend chart. From the social trends we target a survey where the youth of today are currently working. From there we continue thinking and we came to the following concept reinforcement: A wall with We are Mundial Mundial. On this wall, visitors can write their own message for themselves or another that does not matter. Also, visitors can participate in building Mundial festival. This may be because bricks and all kinds of creative hukpmiddelen are at the disposal of the visitor. They can customize their own brick and then the brick masonry on the rest of the wall, creating a wall arises from visitors. Because of this we want to create interaction and make it personal for the festival visitors. Thus the visitors a beautiful memory that they can cherish and when they go back next year to see their stone back. Something tangible is important for people and that we wanted to come back.

The final component is based under the creative among us. Visitors can make their own film at the festival and subsequently assemble and fine tune. They can then submit the film to Mundial. Mundial then choose a movie. This movie will be the new promo video for Mundial for next year. How cool is that people can film their own experience of the festival and also win something with it? How cool is that? if your film is selected and receives the Netherlands to see it?

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