Eat and be…..busy

Dinner en doen is a Company in the Netherlands in the places: Enschede, Groningen and Deventer. This Company Organized party’s from bachelorette party’s to going out with a group. It’s not a standard party Company but with a special budget for the group that they can spend. You chose first your place were you want tot go then you budget from 40 till 90 euro. Than you can choose you favourite activity inclusive dinner. But it’s not a standard activity but a activity where you are part of it. When you chosen for the lama’s (that’s a comic series on the Netherlands tv). You going not watch that series but you are the lama’s with friends you play scenes from that series. It’s a lot of fun and you enjoy a wonderful day. The most important is that you really feel the experience and you part af that evening. It’s a beautiful concept for ach target with each budget. The activity that you can do is so different from each other that it’s makes it hart to chose.

dinner en doen


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