A bikeshelf?

This is a very interesting bikeshelf. You can put your book in the shelf but also a bike. Currently has an bike a very good and beautiful design. Why does people always every time according to the rules. They put a chair, desk, seat, etc. in the living book but not a beautiful bike? Know is it possible, you have a very cool bike case with books in it. Also you’ve have not been afraid that you bike were stolen. The thieves’ has no change to find your bike and you have a own living room that is cool and innovative. Also is that a sample for Human movement. Have you a small place to live in then Is this a genius solution for that problem. You have enough with this bookcase enough space for other stuff whereby people have enough space to walk to the living room.




Think ”Pink”

Pinkpepper is a company where you must been when you give a party. Is it a party for you company or you want to have a great night with friends and family, it’s all possible. Here you find interaction between Human Movement and Leisure. You can do a workshop or you want to have a great night with old school games. The things that you can do is from making bonbons to a bike tour and from painting to making chains. It’s a innovative company where the focus lights one the individual person that makes a party that you never forget. This Company has future potential because they have time to time new ideas to do whereby it’s never be flat and a whole experience for each target group.


Winter Wake-up Call

This is a app that will take care of the people. It will makes life easier and pleasant for the consumer. The alarm clock will makes you awake. When it’s outside horrible weather for example when it’s snowing than gets the alarm of the clock early because you have more time to spend for the snow that’s lie on your vehicle. This is a very smart idea because you will never be late at your work or at school. That’s will makes your life a little bit easier for work.

Roundly bike






Would this bike the bike of the future? The roof is covered at the bike and this is fantastic because you don’t get wet anymore! This bike don’t support only the mobility of the Human but I think also that people with these bike faster taken the bike and don’t take the car. It’s healthy and a whole experience for us en a fantastic image of the street!
From the designer: Mohammad Ghezel

Eat and be…..busy

Dinner en doen is a Company in the Netherlands in the places: Enschede, Groningen and Deventer. This Company Organized party’s from bachelorette party’s to going out with a group. It’s not a standard party Company but with a special budget for the group that they can spend. You chose first your place were you want tot go then you budget from 40 till 90 euro. Than you can choose you favourite activity inclusive dinner. But it’s not a standard activity but a activity where you are part of it. When you chosen for the lama’s (that’s a comic series on the Netherlands tv). You going not watch that series but you are the lama’s with friends you play scenes from that series. It’s a lot of fun and you enjoy a wonderful day. The most important is that you really feel the experience and you part af that evening. It’s a beautiful concept for ach target with each budget. The activity that you can do is so different from each other that it’s makes it hart to chose.

dinner en doen