Light in the darkness






In the dark days in Japan, there is some spectaculars te seen. This is a event what annually returns in Japan. It is a experience in the night! It start in the end of the autumn and finished in the end of February. The Kobe Armatuur in Kobe is a light festival. This is the most known light sensation of the year. The lights are two ours in the day on and each light is being painted by a person. Also is this a history piece of Japan in memory of the earthquake in Kobe.

In Kuwana City in Mie Prefecture is a themepark devoted for flowers. They have one of the beautiful winsters in Japan. This event will during for four months from  mid-november till mid-march. The peak from this event is the amazing light tunnel.

When you are in this time of the year visit Japan is this a highlight of the country. You can walk a path whereby you seeing the amazing lightshow.  You imagine a few ours in a fantasy world! And let me know are you visiting this event!


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