Time to spent for leisure activities is difficult for many people. People has less time to spent. If people have time to spend there spare time, are these mostly the hobbies that they like to spend time on. Touring with vintage classics is hot again. Both at national and international level. People flock to look more similar to and are also surrounded by a social environment in which this passion is shared. For many people the ultimate in freedom and a goal to strive for. Both the number of kilometres which has to be taken but also its maintenance.


Floor of the future?

All of us know the sport basketball. But now there is a new kind of inside track, It’s a lightning field. This is the ultimate form of Human Movement and you have not holding down when It’s dark. The lines are giving light whereby this the ultimate experience. These lights are LED lights and it is underneath a glass surface. It’s better known as the ASB Glassfloor, the latest creation from German manufacturer Germany’s ASB Systembau.

Basketball by night

A beautiful motion


This is a example of Perception society. A children’s Hospital in Texas has developed a Special MR scan for children.  The doctors can take a little bit fear from to children in this difficult time. This is a device were doctors screen the Human Body on Cancer. I like this Device and it is a beautiful sign from the technology that this device can take for one moment a smile on a children’s face.

This MR Scan is a example for Human movement and leisure, it’s not a positive thing to use a MR scan for childeren but with the Appearance from the MR scan can take a smile on a childeren’s face.

Light in the darkness






In the dark days in Japan, there is some spectaculars te seen. This is a event what annually returns in Japan. It is a experience in the night! It start in the end of the autumn and finished in the end of February. The Kobe Armatuur in Kobe is a light festival. This is the most known light sensation of the year. The lights are two ours in the day on and each light is being painted by a person. Also is this a history piece of Japan in memory of the earthquake in Kobe.

In Kuwana City in Mie Prefecture is a themepark devoted for flowers. They have one of the beautiful winsters in Japan. This event will during for four months from  mid-november till mid-march. The peak from this event is the amazing light tunnel.

When you are in this time of the year visit Japan is this a highlight of the country. You can walk a path whereby you seeing the amazing lightshow.  You imagine a few ours in a fantasy world! And let me know are you visiting this event!

Track your bag!

Globaltrac is a company in Los Angeles. They have a new innovative product developed for the airlines. The product called Trakdot and it is a product with a small battery inside. The product must be stopped in your suitcase. When you want to fly to London and your luggage is arrived in Greece, then you received a message on your mobile. On the airline’s are annually 140 million people that travels around the world at the airlines in North America. Thereof are 26 million people that lost their luggage on the airlines. This product falls both under Human Movement and the leisure sector. That is a problem that always stay because people always traveling around the world. They move from A to B and they would that they luggage stay with them and arrived in the same place that the people stay. It is always terrible when you discovered that you luggage is not with you if it now a business trip is ore a Holiday.