A Twist of cultures!

Masaba2During tis block of ten weeks we started a new project. We are now busy with a concept reinforcement for a festival. Our first steps is looking for new manifestations on macro level and to analyze the target from that festival.
In the sector leisure we have also the festivals. Anyone have sometime visit a festival. There can be different reasons to visit a festival. It strikes me that cultures share there tradition with the whole world. Anyone has a culture or tradition in his country where they live for. The people are not shaming anymore for his culture or tradition. People find it important to show them origin. This will be expressed in the certain of symbols and substances from a specific culture ore tradition that processed in clothes. This trend will be named as The IT Culture.

A Micro expression of this Macro manifestation is from the fashion designer Masaba Gupto from India. She designed a traditional Sari with a modern switch.


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