Orange cube

Our first client for my study in my second year was Orange Babies. The Instruction that Orange babies gave us to make a concept for potential donors for Orange Babies. They tell us that is hard in this time that people sponsoring charities.

First I will tell you more About Orange Babies. Orange Babies is a foundation whose main purpose is HIV positive pregnant women and their babies in Africa to help. Orange Babies also provides support to children who are infected with the virus or directly to do with it. This does include Orange Babies in the form of providing information and medical assistance and building orphanages, maternity hospitals and shelters where these women and children can live.
Orange Babies is aware of the enormity of the AIDS problem. However: waiting is not an option. Therefore we are committed every day for the people we need it most!
It is a very nice foundation that with heart and soul for pregnant women and newborn babies. So it was a nice experience to a concept.
As a project we had put down a concept where the people are not approached on the street but the people themselves are curious what to do in the orange cube. It is envisaged that the people for a is an inwardly. They can even make contact with one of the women in Africa. People can ask questions to the women in Africa. That person is called watchful guidance. After this experience, people can experience what it is to talk with a woman that is infected with HIV and how Orange babies helped this women. If the person is ready with talking and came outside the orange cube then will a person from Orange babies asks how the experience was for this person. Then that person can choose whether he / she wants to donate or not and it is really from their own experience and free will instead of a Customized chat to listen and feel obligated to donate. They were enthusiastic about the concept and we have a unique mission may carry. Overall a mission to never forget!

What do you think about this concept? Do you think that this is a good solution for donating?

OB 1

OB 2

OB 3


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