Emotion in a paint

Tuesday we walked around Berlin. We were looking for trends and the vision of Berlin over 10 years. I was with two other girls and found out that we all three had many expressions were made through the street art in Berlin, but when we found a small art gallery. We heard a story when we walked in a small art gallery. We were surprise because when we talked with the owner of the gallery he was Dutch. He told us also that he was living for 10 years in Berlin with his wife.
The beauty of Appearance and Living is that they are in a certain way. They come together in the sense of you see the way of life through the street art in which the Berliners show their emotion. Moreover Street art often very beautiful and inspiring transferred to the walls. Also there is only one way than on the side of Appearance which are connected to each other. That is the beauty of the man inside. In this gallery were paintings of various sizes. The paintings were colored by fantasy figures with a touch of nostalgia. These paintings tell the stories of the artists. They put their emotion what she felt at that moment in a painting as a gauge-person fantasy figures. This is very nice to see and hear their vision about art. I found it so beautiful and inspiring thoughts. Also applied this well with the previous block Living and Appearance.

67707_3970176612829_1644985012_n 549698_3970176852835_528504726_n IMAG1130 IMAG1129


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