Cover and uncover your tattoo

A while back I found this kind of tattoos. I found this very nice, especially because many people consider getting a tattoo. This kind of tattoo is very beautiful, if you want a tattoo but it is not allowed at your work for example, you can take this kind of tattoo. At day you can cover your tattoo. This tattoo you only see by night. If you going out and you want to uncover your tattoo you only have to stay at a dark place in a club or bar and everyone can see your tattoo. I would also a tattoo, but one that I can cover and this is a good solution. Only I have no idea what but we will see what kind of tattoo I take in the further, it has no hurry. A tattoo is beautiful because it has for everyone a special thought or memories and the stories behind are so nice to hear. I think it is a way to express yourself.

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