BSR model?!

Over the last eight weeks we are busy with trend research and concept reinforcement for Orange Babies. For the target group of babies Orange mapping we use the BSR model. This model is very useful for the target group better off lights. This model, we have also been explained by someone from Smart Agent has come along and we further explained. You can apply this model everywhere, from persons to housing preferences of certain types of people. you can do a test, this test will show what type of person you are. Below we describe how this works

The BSR model brings four worlds of experience in card. The model explores the underlying structures and needs, underlying values ​​and motives to map the diversity of the individual within a particular domain. In the model there are two dimensions visualized that are central to the social sciences: psychological dimension (introvert / extrovert) and sociological (ego / group. In this way we get four quadrants. From these quadrants are thus four experience worlds created by which man thinks and acts.

The BSR model is dynamic and domain specific. This means that within each domain to search for a meaningful, unique segmentation. This can lead to a solution with four, five, six or maybe seven segments. Each segment has a clearly distinctive, psychographic profile. In combination with traditional characteristics such as age, gender and education each segment represents a useful basis for consumer-oriented product development and communication.

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