There is art in the streets of Berlin!

Last week I went to Berlin for four days. I’ve already been here but with my previous training, but I was curious if I approach the city in a different way because of my new way of watching and thinking about art. At my new University I learn to watch different to art, people, design, fashion, health technology and the things that happend in daily life. What I really remember is the beauty of street art which the city was flourished in certain areas. I found this very nice and saw it as a way of expressing the people outside. The city I personally find a cold appearance but by street art go to the city yet in a whole different way to look. It has a unique addition to the city that I find no other city in Europe.IMAG1081 IMAG1109 IMAG1086 IMAG1111


Paper eyelashes?

Lately I am more engrossed in the eyelashes. I think the most beautiful eyelashes of your face, it gives you extra decorative in the face and makes the face more feminine. I am very jealous of the girls who have beautiful long eyelashes. That’s what I really like, because it is very nice and it gives you an extra touch. But unfortunately, I do it with my own eyelashes.

I also found a new trend that his eyelashes made of paper. Yes paper! This beauty trend stems from origami paper from the Chinese culture. The lashes have different forms that also have a different meaning. For example, the pattern butterfly stands for freedom, sensitivity and beauty and so on. This is also good to the oncoming holidays these lashes to wear. They are easy to apply

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Thinking of inking?

I found this on tumblr. This I found and it is very nice to see. This article is about getting a tattoo and what effect it may have on someone. Also by these facts and tidbits to know would you do decide to think about getting a tattoo. I must say at the right side where the skin layers can be seen with the needle, I think it still look scarier than I initially thought. Yet I find tattoos very nice, I also think it really adds something personal to your body. The light depends on what, how large, color or black etc.

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Emotion in a paint

Tuesday we walked around Berlin. We were looking for trends and the vision of Berlin over 10 years. I was with two other girls and found out that we all three had many expressions were made through the street art in Berlin, but when we found a small art gallery. We heard a story when we walked in a small art gallery. We were surprise because when we talked with the owner of the gallery he was Dutch. He told us also that he was living for 10 years in Berlin with his wife.
The beauty of Appearance and Living is that they are in a certain way. They come together in the sense of you see the way of life through the street art in which the Berliners show their emotion. Moreover Street art often very beautiful and inspiring transferred to the walls. Also there is only one way than on the side of Appearance which are connected to each other. That is the beauty of the man inside. In this gallery were paintings of various sizes. The paintings were colored by fantasy figures with a touch of nostalgia. These paintings tell the stories of the artists. They put their emotion what she felt at that moment in a painting as a gauge-person fantasy figures. This is very nice to see and hear their vision about art. I found it so beautiful and inspiring thoughts. Also applied this well with the previous block Living and Appearance.

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Orange cube

Our first client for my study in my second year was Orange Babies. The Instruction that Orange babies gave us to make a concept for potential donors for Orange Babies. They tell us that is hard in this time that people sponsoring charities.

First I will tell you more About Orange Babies. Orange Babies is a foundation whose main purpose is HIV positive pregnant women and their babies in Africa to help. Orange Babies also provides support to children who are infected with the virus or directly to do with it. This does include Orange Babies in the form of providing information and medical assistance and building orphanages, maternity hospitals and shelters where these women and children can live.
Orange Babies is aware of the enormity of the AIDS problem. However: waiting is not an option. Therefore we are committed every day for the people we need it most!
It is a very nice foundation that with heart and soul for pregnant women and newborn babies. So it was a nice experience to a concept.
As a project we had put down a concept where the people are not approached on the street but the people themselves are curious what to do in the orange cube. It is envisaged that the people for a is an inwardly. They can even make contact with one of the women in Africa. People can ask questions to the women in Africa. That person is called watchful guidance. After this experience, people can experience what it is to talk with a woman that is infected with HIV and how Orange babies helped this women. If the person is ready with talking and came outside the orange cube then will a person from Orange babies asks how the experience was for this person. Then that person can choose whether he / she wants to donate or not and it is really from their own experience and free will instead of a Customized chat to listen and feel obligated to donate. They were enthusiastic about the concept and we have a unique mission may carry. Overall a mission to never forget!

What do you think about this concept? Do you think that this is a good solution for donating?

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Cover and uncover your tattoo

A while back I found this kind of tattoos. I found this very nice, especially because many people consider getting a tattoo. This kind of tattoo is very beautiful, if you want a tattoo but it is not allowed at your work for example, you can take this kind of tattoo. At day you can cover your tattoo. This tattoo you only see by night. If you going out and you want to uncover your tattoo you only have to stay at a dark place in a club or bar and everyone can see your tattoo. I would also a tattoo, but one that I can cover and this is a good solution. Only I have no idea what but we will see what kind of tattoo I take in the further, it has no hurry. A tattoo is beautiful because it has for everyone a special thought or memories and the stories behind are so nice to hear. I think it is a way to express yourself.

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A chair with emotions…

These chairs are designed by Bert Loescher. Actually he gives practical chairs for everyday activities can be used. His vision I found very appropriate and focused on both the individual as together. As the chair with one arm chair (arm) on the other chair back explains. This I feel a tangible value to and thus I become emotionally involved right touch. I get emotionally involved because I know we are more individualistic and everything is impersonal. What is your sense of what these chairs bring?

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