Dutch design week; the future and beyond

Last week I visited the Dutch Design Week. At first I did not go here, because last year was very disappointing. It was disappointing in the sense that you had to walk a lot and that I did not understand a lot of art and the designs were very impersonal because often the designer or creator of it was not present. Below I will explain some of the Dutch design soft matter what appealed to me personal.

Tuesday we went early so we had enough time to do everything quietly to view. We saw a Nano supermarket. This was a black box which ideas / concepts that were about 5 to 10 years in the market could be. the products were created by students from TU and the design academy. What really appealed to me personally was the Nano paint. This paint looked fluorescent off. If you painted on the wall you had a beautiful color, but using a socket that was connected to when you could paint the color was tired of the wall color. I found this very innovative because as you save people a lot of effort, time and money. The paint was able to emit light on the basis of the small particles permanently in the paint. If the particle is in contact with the flow would be changed so the wall color. Unique invented so. I also saw in this bus meatballs future meat substitutes meat. We do so in the future, no more animals to be slaughtered. But where I was going attention also was a pearl. This gem could you as a woman in your womb and you could have put this pearl to grow. This means for the woman’s last odes to fertility and thus has literally a memento thereto. I found this very strange but also interesting because it can mean a lot to women when they go to the transition. It was invented by man disappeared and I found that actually the most amazing.

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