Creative paradise; Studio Tilburg

On Monday and Wednesday we started the 2-day creative. This means that we are going to brainstorm our concept and that there are already any big idea in this session can come to our client. In this case it is for us Orange Babies. Where I was very happy that we have these days are not in school had to sit because you’re used to me and was not inspiring space for creative thinking. So school had arranged for us two days in studio Tilburg could sit. Here I was very happy because your attitude than even in my opinion much relaxing than in school, and thus better you will be challenged to think outside the box.

I was very excited these days because we then would come a step further with our concept. First we had a go / no go for our trend list. This was early in the morning and the presentation went well! We had been given a go and were therefore more motivated. Monday we continued our client but also our trends and target areas in greater depth. We had about these three main topics mindmaps and write down what these mindmap in us came. This went very well and afterwards we had to remove the keywords that were comprehensive. We had time and could thus stress all tasks well but without pressure, which I like very pleasant experience because I know the situations where this is very different.

At the end of the day we took our keywords set to work well with our vision and concept statement. This was very difficult and there were a bit reluctant that you can mean anything but people might just very differently conceived, so this was a puzzle with words. Nevertheless it is us still managed to have a good vision and concept statement the first day to put down and we have a Go! obtained. So the first day of the 2-day creative for us was certainly successful but also very useful.

The second day we brainstorm our concept / big idea on the basis of the concept and vision statement. We have a variety of creative techniques used to create ideas. This day we were all his less sharp and we noticed that it was difficult to achieve good ideas. Gradually we came it bit by bit and we have a concept idea conceived with different campaign options. Only we must continue this because these campaigns can be executed only one time, and we therefore have to look for more ideas normally uses Orange babies with the idea and so the campaign five years ahead can. So efforts should still be nailed. In itself, I have learned a lot these days and that especially not equal to the first idea what currently seems cool to perform but further brainstorming. I also noticed that sometimes it is difficult to motivate people, people draw me a bit with which I am less inspired touch. I noticed especially the second day but it is up to me to correct everyone to enthuse and motivate as president so here I must even after the act and respond better watch the coming weeks.At the end of day two, we had to present Big idea and received a final Go / No go from here and could continue to think about our concept.

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