Quality of MY life

Everyone is always busy, it’s hard to meet up with friends in person because we both go to another school in another region sitting, or eating only when it is already dark. Today, life is only for time and social media. But here we are not sociable at.

I notice that my quality of life is greatly reduced, this is also thanks to myself. You’ve got your email, Whats App from your friends but also your school. Twitter, Facebook, linked inn name it. I am by now more time to check everything that I can say I’ve done something useful and I do not feel stressed. I am an increasingly realize that we are not personally communicate and socializing at the table eating and catching up on the last day or days. Those times I really miss. When I talk with friends, I personally do that, and I do not eat anything prepackaged food in the shops. I want to go back to the old craft where my grandmother itself fruits and vegetables cultivated and that my quality of life was higher than now. I feel that you are no longer alive but be lived. You can almost nothing spontaneous action but you depend on many different factors. This way I cannot live my life really as I like it, while I feel that my appearance and maybe even me ye transformed by the fellow humans. I realized this when I read the piece of food inspiration. Where is the ancient craft remained with good quality. Or the sincere but especially personal communication between humans. And where is that guy who STURDY family maintenance. Sure I am for emancipation but really how good it feels when the man does everything for you and ensures that you get to eat, it is mainly remember respect and protection for each other.

You know what I would do if I could start over again?
Waking up in Australia, own vegetable garden as many products themselves produce furniture from the vintage store and pick out my own identity and define personal communication between my neighbors, friends and family. Let’s be honest, who would not want that? Please no time pressure, stress, worries, plans and especially urge to eye on everything to want to keep.

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