Identity or perfection?

This year we also set up our own Company. Identity plays a major role. In this block we had a lesson on the golden section. Here we learned that many brands derived from the golden ratio. An example is the logo of Pepsi Cola. Here is ever a document leaked that the hole rationale of the Pepsi logo on paper. They had the logo also developed through the golden section. The golden ratio keeps short perfection. Man is also golden ratio, only unfortunately there will still most people differ.

The golden section is not from Europe but from the Arab culture. Golden Mean is also often found in art and culture. A shell is an example of Gulde cut.

I found this a very interesting lesson, even though the calculation of the golden section quite spicy. I found it interesting that many of the golden section is connected and that what many golden ratio is man” automatic” nice find. I also find it interesting that this already was used by the Greeks but also man and nature related to it. Therefore I find it very nice that brands also often co-create their logo and that brings me back to ideas for the design of our logo for the College Company.

Golden Mean:
The golden ratio is the division of a line segment, in such a way that the ratio between the longest (b) and the shorter part (a) is identical to the ratio between the entire line segment (a + b), and the longest part (b). The longest part than V2 / (5 +1) or approximately 0.61803) times the total length. This ratio is usually denoted by the Greek letter φ (phi).

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