Dutch design week; the future and beyond

Last week I visited the Dutch Design Week. At first I did not go here, because last year was very disappointing. It was disappointing in the sense that you had to walk a lot and that I did not understand a lot of art and the designs were very impersonal because often the designer or creator of it was not present. Below I will explain some of the Dutch design soft matter what appealed to me personal.

Tuesday we went early so we had enough time to do everything quietly to view. We saw a Nano supermarket. This was a black box which ideas / concepts that were about 5 to 10 years in the market could be. the products were created by students from TU and the design academy. What really appealed to me personally was the Nano paint. This paint looked fluorescent off. If you painted on the wall you had a beautiful color, but using a socket that was connected to when you could paint the color was tired of the wall color. I found this very innovative because as you save people a lot of effort, time and money. The paint was able to emit light on the basis of the small particles permanently in the paint. If the particle is in contact with the flow would be changed so the wall color. Unique invented so. I also saw in this bus meatballs future meat substitutes meat. We do so in the future, no more animals to be slaughtered. But where I was going attention also was a pearl. This gem could you as a woman in your womb and you could have put this pearl to grow. This means for the woman’s last odes to fertility and thus has literally a memento thereto. I found this very strange but also interesting because it can mean a lot to women when they go to the transition. It was invented by man disappeared and I found that actually the most amazing.

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Creative paradise; Studio Tilburg

On Monday and Wednesday we started the 2-day creative. This means that we are going to brainstorm our concept and that there are already any big idea in this session can come to our client. In this case it is for us Orange Babies. Where I was very happy that we have these days are not in school had to sit because you’re used to me and was not inspiring space for creative thinking. So school had arranged for us two days in studio Tilburg could sit. Here I was very happy because your attitude than even in my opinion much relaxing than in school, and thus better you will be challenged to think outside the box.

I was very excited these days because we then would come a step further with our concept. First we had a go / no go for our trend list. This was early in the morning and the presentation went well! We had been given a go and were therefore more motivated. Monday we continued our client but also our trends and target areas in greater depth. We had about these three main topics mindmaps and write down what these mindmap in us came. This went very well and afterwards we had to remove the keywords that were comprehensive. We had time and could thus stress all tasks well but without pressure, which I like very pleasant experience because I know the situations where this is very different.

At the end of the day we took our keywords set to work well with our vision and concept statement. This was very difficult and there were a bit reluctant that you can mean anything but people might just very differently conceived, so this was a puzzle with words. Nevertheless it is us still managed to have a good vision and concept statement the first day to put down and we have a Go! obtained. So the first day of the 2-day creative for us was certainly successful but also very useful.

The second day we brainstorm our concept / big idea on the basis of the concept and vision statement. We have a variety of creative techniques used to create ideas. This day we were all his less sharp and we noticed that it was difficult to achieve good ideas. Gradually we came it bit by bit and we have a concept idea conceived with different campaign options. Only we must continue this because these campaigns can be executed only one time, and we therefore have to look for more ideas normally uses Orange babies with the idea and so the campaign five years ahead can. So efforts should still be nailed. In itself, I have learned a lot these days and that especially not equal to the first idea what currently seems cool to perform but further brainstorming. I also noticed that sometimes it is difficult to motivate people, people draw me a bit with which I am less inspired touch. I noticed especially the second day but it is up to me to correct everyone to enthuse and motivate as president so here I must even after the act and respond better watch the coming weeks.At the end of day two, we had to present Big idea and received a final Go / No go from here and could continue to think about our concept.

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Wood, fire, balls; It’s christmas!

Christmas is coming and no idea how you can decorate your home? I found this on the internet, very nice ideas for Christmas and still go along with the trends of today. In the trends of today, anything goes and there is nothing too crazy this year. The baubles can be mixed together and this can be done in conjunction with the quieter balls. It’s a nice idea to combine wood with baubles. For example, a branch on the fire to put down herein and beautiful baubles process. It is also an idea baubles or pieces in your lamp over the table to hang. You can not think of many possibilities are there!

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Carl Gustav Jung

In the lesson of Annemieke of lions we get every week a surprising lesson. This time it was Carl Jung which a piece was told. About the people that told I find very interesting. They told people what influences this had on the world. I found it very interesting because you have a lot more background information and know better how things work. This is tough material but more challenging it is to down eventually to understand! This were also exam questions, so here through a lot to write about, and I can inform you and the examination material already learning.

Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist. He was the founder of analytical psychology

From 1900 worked as a psychiatrist Jung in Burgholzli clinic in Zurich, which was under the direction of Eugen Bleuler. Here he is particularly engaged with the psychological side of dementia praecox (later schizophrenia) and he developed with his colleague Franz Riklin a number of statistical tests. In 1903 he studied for six months in Paris with Pierre Janet. In 1909 took Jung Burgholzli dismissal from irritation about the attitude of anti-Freudian former director Auguste Forel, who has worked as a consultant, and the fact that director Bleuler did not want to go against it. Jung explained now more on his psychoanalytic approach, and established himself as an independent psychiatrist. His reputation grew such that he had many famous patients from home and abroad could receive, among whom the writer Hermann Hesse. Many of them came from the United States.

After the collaboration with Freud Jung began a period of reorientation, in 1913 he gave up his teaching position at the University of Zurich it, where he had worked from 1905. He concentrated on his own practice, research and publications, in addition, he made several long trips from 1920, including Asia, Central America and tropical Africa, where especially his encounters with the peoples of the Elgonji in Western Kenya and the Pueblo Indians in Mexico would be of vital significance for his thinking about the psychic split of Western man. Back in Switzerland in 1933, Jung accepted a teaching post at the Technical University of Zurich – from 1935 as a professor – he went through with it until 1942. From 1944 he worked as a professor at the University of Basel. In the same year hovered Jung as a result of a severe heart attack on the brink of death, the visions he during this experience was, exerted a major influence on his magnum opus, the Mysterium Coniunctionis, which he process of psychic wholeness describes to using scriptures from alchemy.

Last years During his last years Jung continued to work on his theory of the collective unconscious and the importance of religion for the human psyche. Among others he published a work on the phenomenon of UFOs or flying saucers, which in his opinion were representations of the collective unconscious. Furthermore, he made friends with the English priest Victor White, with whom he had in-depth discussions on the occasion of his interpretation of the book of Job. [13] At the request of his many followers he was still involved in the creation of the CG Jung Institute Zurich by Marie-Louise von Franz, his psychology would propagate. Jung died on June 6, 1961 at the age of 85 to Kusnacht, where he was buried on 9 June 1961.

heory and significance of his work Jung had great influence in the field of depth psychology, analytical psychology and the psychology of religion.
Libido In Jung’s view, the behavior of the man largely determined by a general zest for life that he called libido. For this he saw, and therein he differed greatly from insight to Freud, is not primarily a sexual origin, but rather a religious (in the broadest sense of the word).

Collective unconscious with archetypes He believed that the essence of the personality except by personal consciousness also, and largely formed by what he called the collective unconscious, as it were epigenetically inherited part of the unconscious, a psychic field, according to his doctrine by all representatives of a race or species is shared. On this basis Jung developed the theory of archetypes. These archetypes, concepts such as the shadow, the eternal youth, the evil spirit, the hero and so on, as it were surviving, functional oerdrijfveren or ‘modalities of experience’, that the personality of the human structure. Archetypes are possibilities or tendencies to us in a certain way to develop. They express themselves in images that are frequently found in our dreams, but also in fairy tales and myths, and form the material experience of every religion. Jung also launched the idea that archetypes are at the basis of cultural development, separated in different places in the world. Some similar thinking and ideas would not necessarily only by physical descent or migration to do.

Individuation The central goal of Jung’s psychology is the process of self-realization or individuation. Besides the “I” Jung recognizes the self: a totality to the “I” through both the conscious and the unconscious part of the personality covers. This unconscious, the personal unconscious, then, is in contact with the deeper layer of the collective unconscious, the personal unconscious which is essentially a special case, as it were, an upper layer. The collective unconscious is in principle unlimited, and the bottommost layers of them are not even aware. The realization of the self is a process characterized by the union of opposites in man, such as good and evil, light and shade, inside and out.

Typology Jung is perhaps most known for his typology. In his book Psychological Types in 1921 he worked for four basic types of human personality. He suggested taking contrasting positions opposite each other: thinking and feeling, perception (perception) and intuition, each function as it were, the pole of a circle, which symbolizes the self. One of the poles at each base type is dominant, it is our ‘superior function. An additional, important factor is that the psyche inside (introverted) or out (outgoing) is addressed. The typology is the basis for the MBTI.

Development and healing For development and healing in the sense of individuation, it is necessary according to Jung, that first the superior function develops – this is the main psychological task of our youth. Only then, if man’s consciousness in the outside world has anchored, he is free to develop other functions. In addition, the lateral poles of the levers, as it were, to the opposite area, which is the most in the unconscious is to develop. However, it is our people not given to these areas or features fully into the light of consciousness to bathe or, in the terminology of Jung, to differentiate it. One can only state this enlightened approach. On the way there, according to Jung’s analysis of dreams help us, but also the analysis of our shadow figures, and of our unconscious male or female counterpart, the so-called animus and the anima to women in men. By so conscious of his own subconscious processes, the man according to Jung the hilt of his life only really take control, then he need no longer be guided by what has gone wrong in the past.

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Identity or perfection?

This year we also set up our own Company. Identity plays a major role. In this block we had a lesson on the golden section. Here we learned that many brands derived from the golden ratio. An example is the logo of Pepsi Cola. Here is ever a document leaked that the hole rationale of the Pepsi logo on paper. They had the logo also developed through the golden section. The golden ratio keeps short perfection. Man is also golden ratio, only unfortunately there will still most people differ.

The golden section is not from Europe but from the Arab culture. Golden Mean is also often found in art and culture. A shell is an example of Gulde cut.

I found this a very interesting lesson, even though the calculation of the golden section quite spicy. I found it interesting that many of the golden section is connected and that what many golden ratio is man” automatic” nice find. I also find it interesting that this already was used by the Greeks but also man and nature related to it. Therefore I find it very nice that brands also often co-create their logo and that brings me back to ideas for the design of our logo for the College Company.

Golden Mean:
The golden ratio is the division of a line segment, in such a way that the ratio between the longest (b) and the shorter part (a) is identical to the ratio between the entire line segment (a + b), and the longest part (b). The longest part than V2 / (5 +1) or approximately 0.61803) times the total length. This ratio is usually denoted by the Greek letter φ (phi).

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Quality of MY life

Everyone is always busy, it’s hard to meet up with friends in person because we both go to another school in another region sitting, or eating only when it is already dark. Today, life is only for time and social media. But here we are not sociable at.

I notice that my quality of life is greatly reduced, this is also thanks to myself. You’ve got your email, Whats App from your friends but also your school. Twitter, Facebook, linked inn name it. I am by now more time to check everything that I can say I’ve done something useful and I do not feel stressed. I am an increasingly realize that we are not personally communicate and socializing at the table eating and catching up on the last day or days. Those times I really miss. When I talk with friends, I personally do that, and I do not eat anything prepackaged food in the shops. I want to go back to the old craft where my grandmother itself fruits and vegetables cultivated and that my quality of life was higher than now. I feel that you are no longer alive but be lived. You can almost nothing spontaneous action but you depend on many different factors. This way I cannot live my life really as I like it, while I feel that my appearance and maybe even me ye transformed by the fellow humans. I realized this when I read the piece of food inspiration. Where is the ancient craft remained with good quality. Or the sincere but especially personal communication between humans. And where is that guy who STURDY family maintenance. Sure I am for emancipation but really how good it feels when the man does everything for you and ensures that you get to eat, it is mainly remember respect and protection for each other.

You know what I would do if I could start over again?
Waking up in Australia, own vegetable garden as many products themselves produce furniture from the vintage store and pick out my own identity and define personal communication between my neighbors, friends and family. Let’s be honest, who would not want that? Please no time pressure, stress, worries, plans and especially urge to eye on everything to want to keep.

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