The identity of living

Last week we had a lesson about identity and what identity says about you as a person. Based on the design of your house, people here say a lot about you as a person. People also have a dual identity. On BNN is a recent episode came about people with a dual identity. For example in daily life is a businessman in his home environment was the man submissive to the woman. He wore a crotch belt and had nothing to say about his” thing”. When he went to the toilet he had wanted to ask permission from his wife. They have chosen because his girlfriend in a previous marriage has been deceived and not again wanted to make. So it is clear that people otherwise than they actually are. The man and woman were not identified and were disguised and the voice was distorted. This they have done because the man is a management function and religious.
On the basis of these images is also to see that someone has a certain preference for establishment or appearance of his or her business and how this happens in society. Identity is very important and using the identity of people decide whether they get along with your and is to you as a person or feel attracted. The first impression is very important but also whether that person is located can identify. This can therefore determine whether you might be good light in the group or good happens to other people, or clients that you want recruit. Here I learned a lot and then I realized I only know what you do with the opinions of others and of what may depend.

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