Elle Inside design

Last week I decided to get more inspiration at fairs, exhibitions, expositions, festivals etc. This inspiration can I take to ultimately handle in my professional products and inspiring others. On 09/20/2012 I went to the Elle Inside Design. Previously I had no idea what to expect and found myself in neutral. I thought this show was in a large hall in Amsterdam where we could find all kinds of new trends in the field of Living. When we got there we were very surprised, the show was more outside the center of Amsterdam. You can roughly imagine if the same structure as that of the Dutch design week. what I really liked to see was that they use empty buildings as the creators and designers to deploy their designs and to exhibit there. The distance between every building was quit far but definitely worth it. We saw different kinds of designs which was inspired by nature, pastel colors, organic shapes and patterns used with a twist of simplicity. I found some things very beautiful and inspiring to see. The thing that was pity that there was little information about what the story was behind the design and where it came from. That gives a design / design for me much more experience and now you only walk by. Like a coffee table designed by Frederik Roijé. With pastels and where the coffee table levels down. This was inspired by the rice fields in Bali, did you see this also similar in the draft back and it was nice to know!

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