Use your intuition!

In week 37 we went to Paris. Here we go afterwards to learn intuitively trend watcher. The word says it all You’ll learn things To also seen in the society but also to follow your intuition. We did it already various times in the Netherlands, but the teachers thought it was important that we learned to do this abroad. Because this is a totally different country and so you here again other people, cultures so a totally different society standing.

We left on Monday morning are from Tilburg then 6 hours bus ride to Paris. We went to St Christophers Hostel inn.At first, I am not like the hostel because I was a year ago to Berlin I’ve been in a hostel and there were public showers, it was very dirty and the beds were empty and hold you actually slept on a wooden plank. In so we got the bus schedule to hear:

Monday: Went to a kind Woonbeurs the maison and objet
Tuesday: Your itinerary, and received assignments
Wednesday: Leisure and home

There was also the coach explained that we could take three routes:
Architecture Route
Design route
Appearance route

I opted for the architecture route because my background is still interest here. (Last year I graduated at the Nimeto Utrecht, direction IDEB [interior decoration and exterior protection) hence my interest in architecture. We got a list to the buildings where we were and had to go there on their own instincts. That was really fun because you yourself are preferred. Before we went to the hostel we visited the Maison-objet. This is actually proposing a large Woonbeurs only bigger and yet more exclusive than in the Netherlands. It was very nice what you do to design, colors and products saw. But it was so great that we could visit only 2 halls of the five. But I definitely inspiration from them. For our upcoming block living and Appearance.

Once arrived at the hostel I was very surprised. It was a kind of backpackers hostel so people all over the world and stayed. It was a very focused on youth hostel and was decorated very nice. The people were nice, the rooms and showers were clean and the food was to do. You cannot expect too much from a hostel but it was above me expectations. (I’m not deluxe set). Were also in the hostel evening activities organized for people to meet and have a nice evening.

The Tuesday and Wednesday we had very bad weather and had to hit the road. The architecture was very inspiring and fascinating to see. But I noticed that people really live as individuals and not consider you. The real Parisians are not really charming people. Before I had been in Paris, I thought Paris was romantic but when I was there once was that beautiful picture immediately. The city carries a fishy smell in and people are unfriendly. If you go outside Paris performs the people are different. I heard people say that the real Parisians were a disgrace for the whole of France. That comment surprised me. All in all we have seen and learned much of this city, and we also see how our lessons into practice.

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The identity of living

Last week we had a lesson about identity and what identity says about you as a person. Based on the design of your house, people here say a lot about you as a person. People also have a dual identity. On BNN is a recent episode came about people with a dual identity. For example in daily life is a businessman in his home environment was the man submissive to the woman. He wore a crotch belt and had nothing to say about his” thing”. When he went to the toilet he had wanted to ask permission from his wife. They have chosen because his girlfriend in a previous marriage has been deceived and not again wanted to make. So it is clear that people otherwise than they actually are. The man and woman were not identified and were disguised and the voice was distorted. This they have done because the man is a management function and religious.
On the basis of these images is also to see that someone has a certain preference for establishment or appearance of his or her business and how this happens in society. Identity is very important and using the identity of people decide whether they get along with your and is to you as a person or feel attracted. The first impression is very important but also whether that person is located can identify. This can therefore determine whether you might be good light in the group or good happens to other people, or clients that you want recruit. Here I learned a lot and then I realized I only know what you do with the opinions of others and of what may depend.

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Elle Inside design

Last week I decided to get more inspiration at fairs, exhibitions, expositions, festivals etc. This inspiration can I take to ultimately handle in my professional products and inspiring others. On 09/20/2012 I went to the Elle Inside Design. Previously I had no idea what to expect and found myself in neutral. I thought this show was in a large hall in Amsterdam where we could find all kinds of new trends in the field of Living. When we got there we were very surprised, the show was more outside the center of Amsterdam. You can roughly imagine if the same structure as that of the Dutch design week. what I really liked to see was that they use empty buildings as the creators and designers to deploy their designs and to exhibit there. The distance between every building was quit far but definitely worth it. We saw different kinds of designs which was inspired by nature, pastel colors, organic shapes and patterns used with a twist of simplicity. I found some things very beautiful and inspiring to see. The thing that was pity that there was little information about what the story was behind the design and where it came from. That gives a design / design for me much more experience and now you only walk by. Like a coffee table designed by Frederik Roijé. With pastels and where the coffee table levels down. This was inspired by the rice fields in Bali, did you see this also similar in the draft back and it was nice to know!

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Bubbles in your house!

On Thumbler I found this: Blubble wrap. This is an example of creating a personal style in living. The material consists of plastic and the circles on the plastice sitting contain air. In these bubbles you can spray a liquid which you can create something original of a text or writing a work of art on the basis of filling those spaces. I found this a very nice idea because I haven’t seen before and you can get easily to the material. The material is usually used to pack fragile items and it does not break during transport or shipment. You can use different colored liquid and is easy to implement. You can hang throughout your home and can serve as art or pimping your home.

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