Gadeget needs the sun

What is it?

This gadget allows you anywhere your laptop, mobile phone or iPod to charge. This charger recharges through solar energy, on the side are two extra valves with solar panels to the front. This allows you to travel without you worrying that you have no power at hand and also durable doing.

Why it’s cool?

This gadget is perfect for the Urban Nomad, because he no longer worries about having to make that he has no power at hand. This product is also another durable and makes you carefree travel. Not everyone has an iPod or iPad, therefore it also has a USB input on the device that every product you can use to him to recharge. The gadget charging less than 8 hours. Energy is becoming increasingly expensive and people get less revenue because of the crisis and this gadget brings the problems there were before carefree way, you actually discover a world without electrical outlets and high energy costs!

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