Flower Power salade

What is it?

Flowers you can eat today, from orchids to roses. The flowers you plant in your own garden. There are also miscellaneous workshop where you learn what flowers are edible flowers and how you can prepare.

Actually it is nothing new, the Chinese and Romans already experimented with around 1000 years ago, here sauces, salads and decorations to make. By adding flowers to your dish is a culinary masterpiece and you just feel like in a Thai paradise.

Why it’s cool?

It is an experience to flowers to eat, because you normally only flowers in the vase and garden looks rather than on your plate. Actually, it also has to do with sustainability, because you eat whatever was at hand and you only need to grow in the garden. You do not need machines to pass out so it is better for the environment. This emergence of edible flowers certainly future, because I think we eat more in the future discover what we previously regarded as inedible and there are always people who go further than what we normally call.




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