Who are you with; FUN?

What is it?
One innovation is that the people again an individual wants to be. This show them through food. Food becomes a lifestyle, people show themselves through what they are eating. Examples of this are that people back their own fruit and vegetables to grow, or they go to the local farmer. Now the crisis, people cut back. They think it is shame to all the food just to throw away what is good. That people grow their own food they get back” respect’voor eat because they have done here for trouble. They will think three times before they throw away what. Actually, this is a good example of where people live in the present might go will go.

Why it’s cool?
The type mentalite what would fit well with the intellectual. Edgar de Beule describes the intellectual as someone who is aware of what’s happening in the world, like volunteer work and in culture and give them little to Internet and mobile. The intellectual trend would therefore be very good position to tackle and can pass on to others. This trend spread rapidly. I think that intellectually this pick because he / she has their own individual style and thus to recognize hand, but I for the preservation of nature. So they really can not tolerate the farmers disappear and so may apply Urban Farming. Volunteer work and they would be the intermediary of food banks to companies. Result, they contribute to the community and less food is wasted. This gives you a win win situation and is the contribution of a particular mentalite the world a little better so the combination of these three trends as challenging and inspire others. Through this innovation, the emerging individual can express himself more as a person through the food industry.

Food Tribes

Urban Farming

No waste


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