Laptop discard it?

What is it?

It is a recycled laptop. The laptop is made from recycled paper. There are other benefits also are the laptops available in separate collections and the laptop is light and affordable. The laptop has three components:

– Recycled paper both the top and bottom
– Bio chop
– Blue screen (the screen image)

Why it’s cool?

You Sung Park brings the idea of recycelbare laptop closer to the feasible. The laptop is easy to use and is light to carry around. This may perhaps also the competitor of the mini laptop, because laptops are too light gwicht. laptops often after 2-4 years and be renewed as the old sold or brought to the landfill. These recyclable laptop should change that and can often be¬†discarded if you must, but it’s not bad for the environment. Moreover, the user wants a laptop that is easy to use. The exterior of the laptop you can replace it if you damage your laptop to buy a new exterior. This keeps your laptop innovative and I think you are less likely to look out of touch.

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Pc of the future


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