”The Biodegradable watch”

What is it?

Its new Patch timepiece, hailed by the almost-centenarian company as the world’s first paper watch, is available in 10 neon colors and a litany of seasonal prints. Plus, each epidermis-hugging watch costs €24, it´s more than half the price of a Swatch .

The Patch, which was inspired by the papier-mâché floats at the annual Carnival festival in Viareggio, Tuscandy, took four years of research and development to create. Weighing only 11 grams (0.3 ounce), the LED ticker is designed to adapt to your wrist like a second skin. The Patch is treated with a coating that makes it waterproof and shock- and tear-resistant.

Why it’s cool
It’s is another way of wearing fashion. With this watch you wear not only eco-friendly but the watch is also affordable! This watch is unique in its kind, not only by its color but also because the watch is sustainable. Perhaps could be this watch a hype. He looks a lot like the Swatch watch only has this many more advantages. It is a product that inspires and innovates. I hope people are triggered to buy these gadgets because it helps not only yourself but also the entire world!

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Source: Greengadget


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