Sustainability is high in the air

What is it?
Vertical Bosco, ie, the forest is a vertical design that Stefano Boeri is currently being realized in Milano. The two apartment complexes with deep balconies where trees can grow quite large. The 27-storey buildings are a wonderful part in Milan’s skyline. Below is a number of concept drawings and the first pictures of the construction.

Why it’s cool?
This example focuses on the future prospects of the city. In the city you see only in a city park landscaping or small flowerbeds. This method will build on a larger time to ensure that the city is much greener look and you are not just facing gray grouwen held on power. The city literally become more green by planting trees. It will thus more oxygen for the people and the smog in the Asian countries in the long term decline. By planting these trees on the buildings will also e buildings more energy because those trees to ensure that less heat enters. This will make the air less likely to need and we will in the long term CO2 emissions. This will be a sustainable savings may be in the field of living and sustainability in the city.

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