a New gadget for the hyper mammie

What is it?

It’s a mug. If the mug is cold mug shows a sleeping face. Once hot coffee poured Word, slowly waking up the cup and become the happy face and wishes you a good morning for this day.

Why it’s cool?

iIt’s cool because it’s a whole new experience of coffee drinking. Women in particular are struggling to wake up and have a chaotic life. This is also called the hyper-called mommy. They also want to make career and after their pregnancies would like to return to work. Due to a good start and to get positive energy, they should take the time to just relax with a cup of coffee. This makes them and they greeted positively stimulated by the smiling face on the coffee. Because the women take some time for themselves and gain a perception by the face, they radiate positive energy and that the entire day. Because being beautiful comes from within not from the outside.

Wed 11 January 2012 10:28, Vera van der Steen


post from: Wed 11 january 2012 10:28 vera van der steen






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