Your watch as your calendar

What is it?

Communication is the key to the current time. Devices need to be bootable to connect together to share information so Appointments That Are Not missed and family are a button press away. Devices must be able to connect to share information, so appointments are not missed his family and the press of a button away. This watch is what all liabilities thesis devices together. It is a wireless hub All which communicates with the laptop, roll up screen & the other gadgets and Allows you to see at a glance what is happening. It is a wireless hub that communicates with the laptop, roll up display and other gadgets and you can see at a glance what is happening.

Why it’s cool?

 It’s cool because it is suitable for cool men and women. The target audience is very broad. Also, both for business use as just a cool gadget used. This is a new gadget on the technology and you never have to look at your calendar and you are quickly aware of the agreements that you are. If you’re wearing this watch is unique and want all your friends and you’re the early adopter among the new gadgets. People see this also means you are well aware of the new gadgets which gives a picture of your personality because you want to be unique. This allows new doors open for you.

 The calendar watch


Modern twist of cultures


During tis block of ten weeks we started a new project. We are now busy with a concept reinforcement for a festival. Our first steps is looking for new manifestations on macro Niveau and to analyse the target from that festival.

In the sector leisure we have also the festivals. Anyone have sometime visit a festival. There can be different reasons to visit a festival.  It strikes me that cultures share there tradition with the whole world. Anyone has a culture or tradition in his country where they live for. The people are not shaming anymore for his culture or tradition. People find it important to show them origin. This will be expressed in the certain of symbols and substances from a specific culture ore tradition that processed in clothes. This trend will be named as The IT Culture.

A Micro expression of this Macro manifestation  is from the fashion designer Masaba Gupto from India. She designed a traditional Sari with a modern switch.

a New gadget for the hyper mammie

What is it?

It’s a mug. If the mug is cold mug shows a sleeping face. Once hot coffee poured Word, slowly waking up the cup and become the happy face and wishes you a good morning for this day.

Why it’s cool?

iIt’s cool because it’s a whole new experience of coffee drinking. Women in particular are struggling to wake up and have a chaotic life. This is also called the hyper-called mommy. They also want to make career and after their pregnancies would like to return to work. Due to a good start and to get positive energy, they should take the time to just relax with a cup of coffee. This makes them and they greeted positively stimulated by the smiling face on the coffee. Because the women take some time for themselves and gain a perception by the face, they radiate positive energy and that the entire day. Because being beautiful comes from within not from the outside.

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Antwerpen Donderdag 12 januari

Afgelopen donderdag zijn we naar antwerpen geweest met onze opleiding international lifestyle studies. Onze school organiseert vaker leuke excuries naar diversen steden hierdoor zien we veel van andere steden en kunnen hier ons hart ophalen en nieuwe inspiratie opdoen. Dit keer was het antwerpen de mode stad. De reden dat we dit keer hierheen gingen is omdat ons blok appearance is en we dus een beter beeld krijgen van de mode.

We zijn s´ochtens vroeg weggegaan met de bus vanuit Tilburg naar Antwerpen. Als eerst gingen we naar het modenatie museum van Walter. Hier heeft hij 6 verschillende thema´s zoals wonderland vertaald naar kleding. Zijn kleding is vooral heel kleurrijk en iets wat je niet zou dragen maar wel heel spectaculair is. Na het bezoek aan het museum zijn we de stad Antwerpen in te gaan om te shoppen. We zijn in winkels geweest zoals de 21forever dit is een mooie en inspirerende winkel. Ook hebben we nog een oprdacht meegekregen dat we van vier bekende winkels zoals prada foto´s maken en hierbij een kledingstijl bij zoeken. Dit was een leuke opdracht omdat we zo veel van Antwerpen zagen en ook de kleine steegjes meenamen. We hadden veel vrije tijd en ook nog een aantal vintage winkels bezocht. Waar alle kleren zelfs leren jassen 4 euro waren echt een koopje. Het was een hele leuke en inspirerende dag en de stad Antwerpen is echt aan te raden hele vriendelijke mensen en de stad is onlangs opgeknapt.

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