Yo Fresh

What is it?

This is a design store where they sell frozen yogurt, as it were. If you see this shop would not you say that you store in a state where they sell ice cream. In this store you can buy ice cream yogurt so that you can also choose different toppings.

Why it’s cool?

I find this a unique design store because this store does not radiate what it sells. This makes people curious and they quickly take a look. Actually this street the same as the ice cream shop. you should not focus on appearance but on your senses, experience so! This shop really excites your senses making you feel refreshed, but also a valuable feeling. This shop is definitely the future because you people not only want to sell a product but also the experience around it. People remember such shops as well paid attention to the store, people come back to the same feeling.


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Bicycle Pump

What is it?

This is a bicycle pump in the city of Tilburg. This allows you to inflate you bike if you band is empty. You can not just pump up your bikes band but you can also put your bike here. This bike pumps are still six other places in Tilburg.

Why is it cool?                                                                                               

It’s cool because it is not only free but also anyone can use it. This is an experience for everyone. I’m glad that the municipality has done this because many bicycle pumps are getting stolen from the bike. This pump has also a name the ´´heklucht´´. This design has even won the Dutch Design Award. The good thing about this product is that people with little money to spend as students also can make use of it. Also is this design resistant to thieves.


you can share, it´s free it´s a book!

What is it?
I found a book in the Centre of Tilburg. It caught my attention because it’s not a place to finding a book on the street. There was also a site and I have seeing that site about different books. The book you can take home and read the course. In the book you give your opinion about the book and write your own experiences. People can see that you have read him. Then you put him down somewhere for the next book lover. People can read all  the experience about the hall world about the book and of course you’re own experience and opinion and share that experiences with other book lovers.
Why is it cool?
It’s cool because you discover and experience how people around the world think about the same book. It is a book with a past. This share your book interests with different people and because the book is tagged with the people who have read it you can retrieve them and go looking for those persons. You can meet new friends and contacts. It also lets you set your own opinion and experience sharing with others. Moreover, it is free of course, what attracts many people. I find it interesting that you know where the book itself has been and you can down somewhere in Netherlands or international for other interested. You can go to the original book to follow but also what is inspiring that you can see what books there is still more about the world traipse to new readers and experiences.