Youth modern newspaper on Web 2.0

What is it?

I have found a great site for the youth. We have at this moment a lot of news on the internet and on paper. But for the youth you don’t have a special newspaper on paper or on the internet. Now I have found a Newspaper only for the youth and what for the youth important and interesting is. You discover a lot of new items that cool is for the youth of now!

Why it’s cool?

This is a digital newspaper on web 2.0 for the youth. They have other interested than Adults. Ans now you have a newspaper that interested is for the youth. They can read what for them important is. Ans also is a great site with full colors and is modern. You want to read more about health, sports or fashion. And is important that the site the youth appeals. At this moment is reading important about the world and this site hold the youth up to date about what it’s happening in the world. And they keep you up to date about school, money, music sport etc. It’s so different from any other site.



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