caire about people

What is it?

Caire, the online social network of the future in terms of care and patient! Caire organize yourself with the help you need. It is the marketplace of care for patient, carer and volunteer. You can organize your own care or that of other people. You can ask someone to help you to drive to the hospital. Because nobody from the family have any time to bring you to the hospital. Than give you a message to al the caire members. And somebody that describe to help people they don’t have a transport. Than make the computer a link with these two people. And now can she drive with that person to the hospital.

Why it’s cool?

It’s cool because people can help other people. They don’t independent on all family members. more reasons:

  1.  The care recipient does not “guilty” feeling for asking a question to the community. The provider will indeed “recognition and reward” in the form of stars and flags, which he / she can use
  2. People trusted rely more on their own social circle.
  3. This social community helps to reduce barriers related to the repeated need to rely on the same people. You ask a question to the community and each may respond here if he can do something at that moment. This will prevent people to see it as an obligation





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